Are You Attending Church Full-Time as a Married Couple?


Congratulations, you’re married. You will never need help from anything or anyone ever again.

That’s dangerous thinking, but I’m inclined to believe a lot of newlyweds or a lot of couples in the early stages of marriage think that way. Why? Sometimes marriage can make people think that the amazing person they just married will be their answer to life’s problems.

The reality? Without help, new marriages will suffer and suffer quickly! Problems will arise out of the smallest things, and tempers will get worse over time. Welcome to marriage.

Although my wife and I grew up in Christian homes, went to Christian schools and attended a home church, we had a terrible time going to church together after we got married. We had just moved to a new area and really didn’t know anybody. We thought that we would be enough for each other to handle anything life could throw our way. We managed to meet a few local people and establish friendships, but we were still missing the solid foundation that only church could provide.

After living life according to our terms for the first few years and almost getting divorced a couple times, we thought it might be time to see what having a home church would be all about. We got online one day, found a really close church to our house and agreed to try it out. We liked it.

But even after a year or so, we were still not attending regularly. We were trying to give God about half of our marriage, and we still struggled in multiple ways. You know, you become the couple that looks and acts like they have it together, but ultimately the relationship could fail at any moment.

We finally agreed to take a stand in our marriage and attend a church full-time. It honestly transformed our marriage, our individual lives and our relationships with Christ.

So now that we know, here is why you need to know. Here are five reasons your marriage needs church:

1. Great community. Isolation in early marriage is the wrong idea, but that is typically what happens. It might have even started happening when you were dating and started removing yourselves from other groups and friends so that you could be together more. Church is a great way of joining in with a community. In our experience, we have found most of the people to be very helpful and accepting. Most churches will have a visitor area where you can introduce yourself and your wife. This should be the time when you find out about the next step.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Bryan Van Slyke, Manturity

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