JET Magazine Highlights Gospel Star Beverly Crawford


Beverly Crawford is coming to a town near you with her hot new single “Sweeping Through the City” from her CD Thank You For All You’ve Done. Her stellar career has produced gospel favorites including “Jesus, Precious King,” “He’s Done Enough,” and “Praise Jehovah” that have climbed to the top of the charts. “We went back and pulled “Sweeping Through The City” and it has so many wonderful twists to that song.”

The JDI recording artist grew up singing in the church and school of her hometown in Gainesville, Florida. The world began to take notice each week on Bobby Jones Gospel.

“I sang for six years and still sing with Bobby—he asked me to do the Tom Joyner Cruise this month.” Her high-spirited preaching style comes naturally as she comes from a long line of pastors and evangelists.

“Preaching is in my bones—from a little kid-that’s all I know. I’ve been evangelizing and now pastoring for over 20 years,” she shared.

For the past eight years, the singing evangelist has shared the word in song as well as the pulpit where she’s co-pastor at Gainesville Worship Center.

“They call us Pastor B and Pastor T,” said Crawford who serves with her husband and manger, Todd Crawford.

The powerful vocalist also spoke candidly about her new role in the ministry. “It has changed my life a whole lot—it is a lot of additional work, besides the work I already do. It causes you to dedicate yourself. Unlike an evangelist, you can’t drop the message and keep going, now you have to stay with the sheep. Now that burden and that blood is on your hands—it’s a higher calling,” she said.

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Effie Rolfe

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