Ideas to Market Your Book All Year-Round

market a book

I probably don’t have to tell you that marketing your book is a year-round endeavor. Today’s digital world provides you with endless ways to market your book and connect directly with your readers. Just like we all build relationships in the real world… with an investment of your time, you can build your readership online. As you put together your digital marketing game plan, here are some ideas for you to consider.

1. Get a jumpstart. Build up excitement before your book comes out by talking about it on your social media pages. Talk about the process of writing. Share a quote or two from your book. Do a countdown. Create buzz about your book before it’s even finished.

2. Start with the four big platforms. Social media is an excellent way to build relationships, so start with the four big social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Connect your website to each of your social media platforms. Not only are these social media sites free, but they give you the opportunity to engage with your audience, grow your readership, create a community and establish your brand like never before.

3. People follow people, not books. Let your website be a comprehensive picture of you, your brand, your book and your message.

4. Write blogs and newsletters. Blogs and newsletters are great tools to promote your book and can be simple to do, especially if your book is finished. You may want to repurpose content, slice and dice certain aspects of your book to promote it to your audience, and show the value of the content you provide. Once you have a blog written, share it on all of your social media sites and encourage others to share it too. Blogs and newsletters build your brand, get your name out there and can drive traffic to your website.

5. Think slow and steady. It’s okay if your marketing efforts don’t immediately go viral. Be consistent in creating buzz about your brand and book by communicating daily on your social media sites. Think big picture because carving out your niche, creating a presence and building a following takes time.

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post
Fauzia Burke | Founder of FSB Associates. Busy Promoting Books & Authors Online


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