Wow! EBONY Magazine Editor, Jamilah Lemieux, Bashes FOX News’ Juan Williams Son, Raffi Williams, Calling Him a “White Dude” Because He Has More Conservative Views – Where Is the Outrage?

Raffi Williams with Father Juan Williams
Raffi Williams with Father Juan Williams

Jamilah Lemieux, Senior Editor for Black Magazine EBONY became the latest liberal attacker on black republicans through the social medium Twitter by calling RNC Raffi Williams a “White Dude” and talking down to him as if were beneath her. I didn’t know that EBONY management tolerated this racist tone from their management team. As you will see in the exchange below, Lemieux throws out the racist language to shut down the conversation. Contact Ebony offices and let them know you would expect more from their management staff. (212) 397-4500

Williams is the Deputy Press Secretary for the Republican National Committee and takes his job seriously. His father is Juan Williams, former NPR and now FOX Contributor. Here is the twitter exchange below:

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SOURCE: Wayne Dupree

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  1. i wrote this piece from three sources okay maybe a few more But one was on a person’s comment to another persons Post, So with it I shall re post, the reading Of NO, ‘not COOL’ but Greg Gutfeld old new book; new because it is in paper back “the Joy of Hate” this report of Juan Williams, Son an Ebony WHAT????!!! yes bit’s pieces of President Obama, history of failed Green Energy, Health Care mess, His Reparation bid, Beer summit + Equality = King of the hill/Mountain with his preaching to the American People/US OH and RUSSIA is back to which He mocked Mitt.

    It is sad to say,
    we all are becoming prey,
    and that our country is being ripped,
    an-even-more possibly soon to be chipped.
    To hear confrontation this willing,
    but what’s being really said: -chilling!
    The words say’in (and I have) there’s a coming of a Revolution,
    and to join to find a solution..
    Well that’s just sad,
    and to spill innocent blood makes me mad,
    but maybe the answer to the truth?
    Well it no longer comes from our voting booth!!
    So in an Obama-designed-Revolution to divide,
    it just made the Party separation a crevasse gone to wide.
    To now have people like Juan Williams, and sons being attacked,
    because this lady says they are not black.
    Now I call that a divide for Juan himself in a liberal war,
    but what really is at this deepening core.
    You see in a Civil War like the North and South;
    Enemy!? Well there might have been a difference if you open your mouth.
    Now one’s not black enough?
    What is this guff?
    I reading Greg Gutfeld now, “the Joy Of Hate.”
    Sorry in today’s world I can relate.
    I mean I live far from a city,
    but all this breaking down of Race, God and ‘A World of Pity.’
    The fact that it use to matter,
    the climbing of a ladder–
    ~~to achieve,
    and not to deceive!!
    To except in most cases if you are a liberal you get a pass,
    isn’t that profiling, ‘Tea Party vs A Liberal Class.’
    The breaking down of society, and morals, or God, and a Pledge,
    in not that pushing us over the edge.
    I will agree I would join a Revolution to be free which we are,
    but to this point President Obama has done most the damage thus far.
    Him in his Equality push from an Elites shouting from a Mountain Top.
    You Mr. President have been wrong about a lot,
    and after all what business degree have you got?
    Then we have a trashing of Chis Chistie;
    Come-on on people these attacks can’t you see!?!?!
    A Revolution:
    an answer, A solution??!!
    Question or answer…….
    We’d find more in a fight on cancer!
    What we don’t see OUR Blood is the same in color when it runs,
    and an American battle will for sure bring God’s Kingdom to Come !

    BY: JohnnyV @hartwick NY//

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