An Inspirational Real Life Love Story

Jordan and Cady Lewis were married less than nine months when he lost the battle to cancer. (Facebook)
Jordan and Cady Lewis were married less than nine months when he lost the battle to cancer. (Facebook)

After less than nine months of marriage, Cady Lewis had to say goodbye to her husband, Jordan. Their love story has inspired many and will continue to be an inspiration long after his death.

Jordan Lewis, an Oral Roberts University graduate, was diagnosed with stage 4 sinus cancer in the spring of 2011, two days before his 21st birthday.

When the cancer returned two years later, Jordan and Cady—who met at ORU—knew they wanted to be together for his journey. They got married on June 29, four weeks later, with support from their community.

Only 23 years old, Jordan lost the battle on Thursday.

“He fought the most heroic battle of faith that I have ever witnessed. I am honored I was chosen to be his partner in this war,” Cady Lewis wrote on Facebook Friday.

She said her husband changed her life and showed her a new way to live and that he “loved relentlessly, forgave quickly, fought tenaciously, and served The Lord loyally and passionately.”

Lynette Lewis, Jordan’s stepmother, wrote in a blog post Saturday, “He and our one-in-a-million daughter-in-law Cady, arm in arm, locked in a grip of love that few will ever know, faced the giants, resisted them tirelessly with never a complaint or bitter edge, laughed their way through, smiled and thanked and praised their way through.”

Jordan Lewis’ best man, Carl Roth, says he was immediately drawn to Lewis’ warm nature.

“He was the nicest individual he was so nice and so caring about others and was so willing to go out of his way in order to make everybody else feel comfortable, feel accepted,” Roth said, according to Tulsa World.

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Source: Charisma News | Gina Meeks

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