Jacquie Hood Martin, Minister and Wife of Roland Martin, Coaches Entertainers on How to Handle the Industry

Jacquie Hood Martin, Minister and Wife of Roland Martin, Coaches Entertainers on How to Handle the Industry

Has your big break turned into a nightmare?Having trouble finding balance in your day to day? Is the stress of the industry taking over your life?

EURweb’s Lee Bailey met up with life coach Jacquie Hood-Martin on the red carpet at the recent NAACP Image Awards.

Hood-Martin spoke candidly and revealed her decision to transition into coaching on a full-time basis with a program created for entertainment industry professionals in mind, called “Coach Me to Balance.”

“We are working with entertainers, athletes, and publicist and so on; to help them to understand the value of how to balance their lives and the business,” expresses Hood Martin.  “What do you do, when you are the silver lining into this industry to your family?  What does that look like? How do you handle the paparazzi and notoriety? We help our clients deal with tough issues like this.”

Hood-Martin’s core business is the, i Balance me Institute; where she offers a range of personal, professional and prophetic coaching to empower people for daily living.  Being, married to journalist Roland S. Martin for 13 years; has given her the insight to navigate and negotiate the nuances of the industry. Roland will also participate in training and offering workshops.

“I’ve been coaching and doing development consulting, before it was popular. Things can be taken out of context very quickly.  It only takes a second for your star to fall,” Hood-Martin states matter-of-factly.  “Our goal with i Balance me Institute, is to make sure that people’s stars are still climbing, while giving them the ability to have a little room for themselves.”

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Source: EURWeb

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