Erica Campbell Is Reportedly Being Offered Chicken Dinners to Perform

Erica Campbell Is Reportedly Being Offered Chicken Dinners to PerformIt’s hard out here for a gospel artist (when they tryin’ to make this money for the rent).

With her new music, Erica Campbell (of Mary Mary) is definitely going to need some “Help” and “I Need A Little More Jesus” with being offered chicken dinners as payment for performing!

As much of a talented singer and energetically spiritual, gospel performer she is, Campbell dishes to HipHollywood how difficult it is selling out arenas as a gospel artist.

Some fans feel as though gospel music should be free!

But like other entertainers (and working folks) Campbell and artists like her have to eat and feed their families too!

So all of the REAL fans out there, buy those tickets to the concerts and stop being cheap!

“Absolutely, they want to pay you with a chicken dinner and I go, yeah, I didn’t work for chicken dinners when I was just singing at my church ,” the Grammy winner told HH, “I don’t judge people because they don’t know, I’m just very willing to educate them on what it takes and what is required.”

But Campbell understands that as a solo artist, now she must pay her dues to her Mary Mary fans.

“I still have some convincing to do with the fans,” she said acknowledging Mary Mary’s fans are upset about the duo’s temporary break.

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Source: EURWeb

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