Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar Association at Seton Hall University Celebrates Coretta Scott King

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar Association at Seton Hall University Celebrates Coretta Scott King

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar Association presents the MLK Celebration 2014. This year’s program will feature Dr. Saundra Collins from the Montclair State University, Department of Psychology. Watch the Throne: Celebrating the Queen of the King is an event honoring the great Coretta Scott King, the late wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This year’s program is being structured to celebrate the King legacy and Women’s History Month simultaneously.

MLK Scholar Krystal Turner, class 2014, and the event coordinator states …”While many people may know who Coretta Scott King is, many do not know her story outside of the perspective of her marriage. Mrs. King was an activist and Civil Rights Leader in her own right before and after the death of her husband. She served as a great role model, teaching women of all colors and ages that facing issues with dignity, grace, and strength, while keeping faith can get you through any situation”.

MLKSA’s Celebrations are, historically, events that pays homage to members of the Civil Rights movement and although this year it will also be a formal ball, is a fraction of the praise Coretta Scott King deserves.

Dr. Saundra Collins will speak on the legacy of Mrs. King, as well as the need for female activism in today’s society. This formal event taking place during Women’s History Month is intended to instill the grace and quest for advocacy within the 21st century woman.

Dr. Collins a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Maryland, is currently Professor of Psychology at Montclair State University. She is recognized as the first and only woman and African American elected as Chairperson of the department. She also directed the African American Studies program for over thirteen years. She currently serves as the President of the University Senate at Montclair.

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Source: Seton Hall University News

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