3 New Bible Books Being Published This Spring

NIV Hope in the Mourning Bible

The Handy Bible Answer Book by Jennifer R. Prince (Visible Ink, April) answers more than 1,700 commonly asked questions about the Bible. The illustrated reference also examines its history and the relationship between the Bible and pop culture.

NIV Hope in the Mourning Bible (Zondervan, Mar.) includes daily devotions intended to provide consolation for those who are grieving. Other features include prayers and reflection questions; devotional editor is Timothy Beals.

101 Color & Sing Bible Stories created by Stephen Elkins (Tyndale, Mar.) introduces children to Bible stories not only through reading but also through coloring and singing. Two CDs with the book contain 101 printable coloring pages and 101 sing-along Bible songs. Elkins is a record producer and songwriter as well as children’s author.

SOURCE: Publishers Weekly
Marcia Z. Nelson

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