10 Startup Employees Recount the Early Days


As part of our new series, the First 100Mashable is introducing readers to the first 100 employees from 100 different successful startups and small businesses.

Last week, we heard from employees 11 through 20, and this week, we’ll take a peek inside the journeys of employees 21 through 30.

Though their companies range from major digital media brands to website hosting platforms, employees 21 through 30 share similar lessons about going above and beyond one’s job description and being adaptable as startups grow and evolve.

“If you want something, you work your ass off to show everyone else that you deserve it,” saysCarrot Creative’s 21st hire, Kathryn Farwell.

Farwell, like many of those who sit in the First 100, joined her startup in its infancy and withstood the early shocks of uncertainty on her way to a management position. But before she got there, she learned a few vital lessons that all employees — whether they work for a major corporation or a brand new startup — should heed.

Read on to meet employees 21 through 30, and click here to see the stories of employees 1 through 20 in the First 100.

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Source: Mashable | ELI EPSTEIN

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