Shooting on Board the USS Mahan at Naval Station Norfolk Leaves 2 Dead

(Photo: Ed Bailey, AP)
(Photo: Ed Bailey, AP)

A sailor was fatally shot at the world’s largest naval base and security forces killed the male civilian suspect, a spokeswoman for Naval Station Norfolk said early Tuesday.

The incident occurred at approximately 11:20 p.m. Monday at Pier 1 aboard USS Mahan, base spokeswoman Terri Davis said.

U.S. Navy security forces responded to the incident and have since secured the scene. One male sailor and one male civilian suspect were pronounced dead at the scene. No other injuries were reported.

Navy officials say security forces on base shot and killed the civilian suspect who was located on the guided missile destroyer. It is unclear how the civilian was able to get the weapon on base. To get on the base, civilians must be escorted or have a pass.

An investigation is now underway.

The base was briefly put on lockdown as a precaution. The lockdown lasted for approximately 45 minutes. With the exception of Pier 1, operations have returned to normal at Naval Station Norfolk.

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Carl Leimer, WVEC-TV, Hampton Roads, Va.

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