Wisconsin Point Guard Traevon Jackson Playing for the Kingdom: ‘Without Jesus Christ, I’m Nothing’

Traevon Jackson
Traevon Jackson

Wisconsin point guard Traevon Jackson is making a name for himself as a clutch player. Now in his junior year, this is his second year as a starter and he hopes to follow the path of his father, former NBA All-Star Jim Jackson.

Traevon says, as the son of an NBA veteran, people had high expectations the moment he stepped on the court. But it’s his faith in the Lord that has helped to keep the comparisons in perspective. “I’m not going to lie, I’m good but I’m not that good without the Lord’s presence. I’m just average. But through Him you can be extraordinary.”

After sitting the bench for most of his freshman year, Traevon came off the bench early last season and he won the starting job. He says the key to turning that around was hard work and focusing on the Lord.

“I just felt that when I wasn’t in His presence, is when I started to worry. That’s when I started to worry about failure and just not play loose. But when I was with Him, I’m out there and you’re not stopping me.”

In the last two seasons Traevon has emerged as a leader. As a point guard he understands that his role is to put the team before himself. To him, it’s more than just part of the job, it’s following Christ’s example.

“I knew about it. You know He died on the Cross. But as I’m digging and seeking the Kingdom, seeking it; just to really see what He did was just truly amazing. Like I could never fathom it until I’m like beginning to see His principles, see His ways and it just makes me want to emulate Him even more. And I want to do everything to represent him the way that I’m supposed to.”

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SOURCE: The 700 Club
Shawn Brown

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