When It Comes to Social Issues Like Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage, David Platt Says ‘Younger Evangelical Christians and Prominent Church Leaders Are Often Strangely Quiet’

Pastor David Platt

While applauding young evangelicals who have taken up causes such as opposition to injustice regarding the poor, the orphaned, and the enslaved, and who have helped increased awareness of such issues as sex trafficking and world starvation, Pastor David Platt said he is concerned about the lack of enthusiasm among some Christians on other issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

“I’m concerned for lack of zeal, not exclusively, but particularly among young evangelicals on social issues that are just as, if not in some ways much more important like abortion and sexual immorality, and so-called same-sex marriage,” Platt, pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala., preached at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on Thursday. “On some of these issues, younger evangelical Christians [and] prominent church leaders are often strangely quiet.”

Platt observed, “We live in a day that we can be passionate in our stand against poverty and slavery, injustice that we need to stay passionately against, but issues that don’t bring us into conflict with the culture around us.”

He said that on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage that are much more contentious, Christians are less likely to be passionate and more likely to be passive. “In this way our selective social justice looks more like a selective social injustice,” he asserted.

“I’m zealous to show that followers of Christ do not have the option of picking and choosing which social issues we are going to apply biblical truths to,” Platt preached. “I’m zealous to show that the same Gospel that compels us to combat poverty compels us to defend marriage and the same Gospel that compels us to war against sex trafficking compels us to war against sexual immorality in all of its forms.”

He stressed, “There are battles raging on the frontline of culture and we do not have the option of choosing which battles we are going to fight and which issues we are going to flout.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Alex Murashko

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