Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty Encourages Christians to Never Be ‘Bullied’ Out of Their Faith

Willie and Korie Robertson (PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images)
Willie and Korie Robertson (PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images)

Korie Robertson, a star on the hit A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty,” says she’s proud of her Christian faith, and encourages other Christians to stand up for their beliefs, even when “bullies” try to stop them from doing so.

Robertson was describing how her faith sustains herself and her family in a recent interview, saying that while her success, fame and riches are temporal, her faith is eternal. “God and our faith is what sustains us,” Robertson told Fox411’s “Faith & Fame” segment. “It’s what makes our life good.”

Robertson, who was also accompanied in the interview by her husband Willie, went on to say that she and her family don’t plan on backing down from expressing their faith any time soon and they encourage other Christians to defend their faith in the face of adversity.

“Don’t let someone bully you into not standing up for your beliefs,” Korie said.

Willie and Korie will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming film “God’s Not Dead,” playing themselves as they defend their faith to a reporter who questions their Christianity. Willie said in a recent interview with The Christian Post that working on the film inspired and strengthened his own Christian faith.

The film follows a student who accepts his professor’s challenge to prove the existence of God.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Katherine Weber

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