How to Let the Real World into Your Homeschool Classroom

How to Let the Real World into Your Homeschool Classroom

Parents can struggle with protecting their kids from the world outside their doorstep.

When it comes to discussing and sharing current events or “real world” situations with homeschooled children, parents often end up with a bit of nail biting in the process. Do you shield your children from the sometimes terrible things that go on in daily life? Do you continue to nurture them as you always have, within the loving and protective arms of your family nest? Or do you speak frankly about the tragedies that happen on a daily basis? And if so, what age should your children be exposed to what goes on the “real world?

Your Homeschool World

Of course, you are quite right to say that your homeschool classroom is your own “real world.” You are doing what you do for good reason. You are raising your children with the moral values and family unity that you feel will serve them in the best possible manner. It’s not a fantasy world. It’s just as real as anything, and even more so than sitting in a classroom from 9 to 3 staring at the chalkboard, or watching other kids argue, compete, nit-pick, and bully one another.

Preparing Your Children for Life

We do know that real life can be ugly at times. But there is still a lot of laughter, joy, and goodwill left out there in our communities. Teaching our children to seek it out and become a part of a unit that works toward a positive goal is important to building the kind of character that will serve them in tougher times to come during adulthood.

Ways to Embrace the World Outside of Our Homes

Encourage community service. Serving teaches compassion and empathy for the plight of others, while building a child’s self-esteem and pride in their efforts. Community service is the best way to instill a positive worth ethic and a sense of responsibility in children.

Discuss current events. Depending on the ages of your children, you may wish to pic-and-choose the content and nature of these events. But shielding your children from what goes on in society may not always be the best choice – we are here to prepare them for a happy, successful adulthood. That includes dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly when it’s necessary in the most productive and moral way possible.

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