With Hillsong NYC, Carl Lentz Makes Church Trendy But Stays Away from Moral Issues


Every Sunday thousands flock to Hillsong Church in New York City, but it’s not your typical, traditional church.

It is complete with strobe lights, concert-like worship and an unconventional leader in its pastor, Carl Lentz.

The 35-year-old Lentz looks more like a rockstar than a man of the cloth. He chooses to wear leather jackets and jeans instead of a suit and tie.

Lentz’s message is also out of the box.

“Our church is awesome; I love it,” he told CBN News. “It’s extremely imperfect and that’s why everybody fits in.”

“One time somebody was like ‘I don’t come to church ’cause there’s a lot of hypocrites,’ and I’m like ‘We’ve got room for one more,'” he joked.

Even Bieber Likes Jesus
Hillsong NYC is located in a nightclub and attracts everyday New Yorkers, NBA players, musicians and young celebrities.

“Our church is about trying to get people to experience the power of God as fast as possible,” Lentz said. “…the only thing that changes people’s lives is the power of the Holy Spirit, so young people love it.”

Pop icon Justin Bieber, who has recently had several runs-in with the law, visited Hillsong NYC in 2013.

He tweeted about the service saying, “love to my guy @carllentznyc for that amazing sermon at church this morning. Love you man. I broke down today.”

It is reported that Bieber plans to be baptized at Lentz’s church.

“I love Justin and he’s a good kid; he’s trying to figure this out,” Lentz said.

“People are like ‘Is he even a Christian?” Lentz said. “I always tell people… grace and acceptance does not mean approval,” he explained, “I can accept you as a human being and not approve of your actions. That’s how we’ve been loved.”

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Charlene Israel

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