Should Church Worship Bands Play Secular Songs?


I’ve always been on the fence about doing secular songs in worship. I personally don’t care for it but have played them when a pastor has asked. However, a recent trip to Elevation Church has caused me to make up my mind.

Twenty-five years ago, it would be unthinkable to sing a secular rock song in church (you couldn’t even get away with an Amy Grant tune!). When did this all start? I’m guessing Willow Creek, the original seeker church, was the culprit. (And we all know how their seeker methodology panned out. Read “Willow Creek Repents?“)

The seeker crowd will argue that unsaved people love hearing secular songs in church. When they hear a pop song they know, they’ll think, Wow, church isn’t boring after all. I think I’ll come back! For these Christians, getting the unsaved into church trumps everything. I appreciate and applaud their dedication to reaching the lost. However, using the same do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-them-in-the-door logic, why not install stripper poles next to our drum sets—wouldn’t that attract a crowd?

The harsh truth is the gospel can be a tough pill for an unsaved person to swallow. So Paul talks about the concept of making the Good News as attractive as possible in Titus 2:9-10. And really, that’s the whole point of the weekly newsletter—to encourage churches to be as attractive as possible with their music.

But how attractive should we get? That answer can only be found with prayer and careful consideration of your own ministry. Here’s my thinking.

Can’t We Just Focus on God?

My main argument up until now has been that we can listen to secular music anytime we want. We have roughly 84 waking hours a week—can’t we spend just one of them focusing on God during the Sunday morning praise set? I’ve heard statistics that few Christians ever darken the door of a Christian bookstore or listen to Christian radio. That hour may be the only time of the week most people ever even hear Christian music.

By definition, a seeker is seeking God, so why not present the gospel to them in every way, shape and form?

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Don Chapman

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