Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Is Coming to Starbucks

(Photo: Starbucks)
(Photo: Starbucks)

First there was Oprah, the show. Then, O, the network. Now — with an assist from Starbucks — here comes Oprah, the tea.

Starbucks, in an unusual collaboration of mega-brand meets mega-star, is teaming with the former talk show host turned global media baron to create Teavana Oprah Chai tea. The venture was announced on Wednesday at the coffee giant’s annual meeting in Seattle.

Schultz shocked the Starbucks annual meeting audience — a group that’s quite accustomed through the years to seeing or listening to celebrity entertainers at its annual meetings — by introducing Winfrey, then embracing her when she took the stage. The two proceeded to hold hands for several minutes while explaining why Winfrey chose Teavana as the first brand, product or company with which she’s aligned herself.

“Starbucks is about nurturing the human spirit,” said Winfrey to an admiring Schultz. “That is my goal in life and what my brand has become.” Winfrey said that she’s previously received — and turned down — opportunities to promote everything from cars to cosmetics to clothing. “None of that felt organic,” she said. But, she added, the Starbucks Teavana brand did.

Schultz was no less enthusiastic. “With the introduction of Teavana Oprah Chai, we are going to elevate the tea experience in the same way we did for coffee.”

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Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY

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