Son of Bishop J. Drew Sheard and Karen Clark Sheard Discusses Why He Chose to Sing R&B Over Gospel


Producer/singer/songwriter, J. Drew, although not in the gospel genre, comes from Gospel lineage (son of Bishop J. Drew Sheard and Grammy-Award winning gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard), but his heart has find its way into the realm of R&B. His conflict with his family regarding his decision to pursue Rhythm & Blues played out in front of the cameras on BET’s reality series “The Sheards,” but one thing is for sure, he has never wavered in his decision to follow his first love. Accepting any controversy or backlash, J. Drew plans to remain positive, no matter what anyone has to say. He released his debut EP, Never Coming Back, in May (2013) and now he has his eyes set on more projects. Check out our sit down.

Gospelbreak: You have received a lot of controversy after your transition into secular music, how was that for you?

J. Drew: It was a little weird at first because I knew people were going to feel a certain way about me going to the secular side being that I started in the gospel realm, but for the most part, I blocked out what everyone said and did what I wanted to do. I did what was best for me and my career.

Gospelbreak: You received a lot of backlash from Christians, how did you cope with it?

J. Drew: It has a lot to do with staying true to who you are. People are going to talk regardless, I’m not going to let it change me. I don’t go into a stage where I’m not listening to people or church people. I never have been that type of guy. I let the people say what they say. Sometimes it’s good to know and sometimes you just don’t care to know. I try not to pay attention to the things that aren’t positive. It’s real simple, I don’t do a lot of arguing and back and forth. I’m not that kind of person, if you don’t like it cool.

Gospelbreak: Do you still go to church?

J. Drew: Of course! I go to church. I still love the church! I love God. Nothing is going to separate me and my love for God! That has never changed. I wonder why people think I’m the devil (laughing). God knows my heart!

Gospelbreak: What was the moment that you knew that you wanted to be a rapper/singer?

J. Drew: It came to me a long time ago. I’m just now bringing it to the forefront. Ever since I started producing at a young age like 9-10 years old, I always produced and sung R&B songs.

Gospelbreak: Tell us about your new music and who you are working with.

J. Drew: I just put out my single out “Strip” with Rocko, and I’m working on another album. You know we stay in the studio working.

Gospelbreak: What is the inspiration behind your music?

J. Drew: Just life in general; going through everyday life. With the new recognition, it comes with sacrifices, and all types of stuff, good and bad things, and I’m inspired from that. The lifestyle of being from Detroit is inspiration in itself. The city is rioting as a whole, but we still have our economic downfalls with people losing jobs and just being around people who were victims of losing their jobs is my inspiration. Hanging out in the city with my friends going out and all types of stuff allows me to write all types of stuff because of that.

Gospelbreak: After the show was over, how did you feel about it and did it change your life in anyway?

J. Drew: Of course, people started noticing me and taking pictures. It opened a lot of doors for me, and it gave people an opportunity to see who I was.

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SOURCE: GospelBreak
Jermaine Rucker

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