Disgruntled Ex-Microsoft Employee Reportedly Admits to Giving Windows 8 Software Code to Blogger for Pirating


The seven-year company veteran apparently was angry over a poor performance review.

Software architect Alex Kibkalo used Microsoft’s Hotmail consumer webmail to communicate with a technology blogger and share the trade secrets.

In addition to releasing Windows 8 code ahead of the product’s release, he stands accused of exposing Microsoft’s “Activation Server Software Development Kit,” a propriety system used to prevent the unauthorized copying of Microsoft programs.

“He is said to have admitted to passing the information to the blogger – unidentified in charging papers – after a meeting in an online forum,” Seattle P-I reports.

A Microsoft manager said the kit “could help a hacker trying to reverse engineer the code” used to protect against software piracy, according to charging papers.

The blogger sent the stolen kit code to a Microsoft employee for verification. The worker went to a Microsoft executive instead.

The idea, or Kibkalo’s idea, was for the blogger to share the kit online so others could pirate Microsoft products.

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SOURCE: Nextgov

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