How to Motivate Your Homeschooler

How to Motivate Your Homeschooler

Having trouble motivating your child? When it’s time to do school work are your children less than enthusiastic? You are not alone. Here are a few good tips and suggestions that will make your homeschooling experience more fun and hassle-free:

Some children need quiet and structure in order to learn. If this describes your child, arrange your house so that it is “education-friendly.” Have a separate room that is used just for homeschooling. Keep the atmosphere educational. Make sure all your supplies are kept in one area and not all over the house. Keep unnecessary distractions away from the study area.

Other children work better in a more chaotic atmosphere, or in an environment that allows them to get up and move. If this describes your child, give him freedom to find a place that works. Standing up at the counter, rolled up in a ball under a table, sprawled out on the living room floor…This is tough on a parent who needs structure (like me), but if you can wrap your arms around it, it can mean the difference between constant struggle and enthusiastic learning.

Gear your studies and projects to your child’s interests. There are many avenues of learning today, such as research papers, projects, speeches, field trips, Internet searches, interviews, library visits, etc. Be creative; children learn in different ways. Many times, just giving your child the freedom to direct the learning can provide motivation as well as insight into the passions and strengths of your child. I am always amazed at the projects my children design. Not only are they often at a higher level of difficulty than I would have chosen, but they are usually exciting and appreciated much more than anything I would have assigned.

Make learning fun! Every subject does not have to be taught the same way. Use creative methods of teaching. Lecturing, workbooks, chalkboards, dry erase boards, hands-on activities are just the beginning. Your goal is to inspire a love for learning that will be life long. Making it enjoyable is a great first step. The Internet has many websites geared just for children. There are many educational games out there as well that can be played independently or as a family.

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