Songstress Deanna Ransom: Her Journey From Anger at God to Faith and Peace In His Son

Tehillah Enterprises
Tehillah Enterprises

For as long as she could remember, Deanna Ransom loved to sing. “For me, singing is a form of expression. There’s something about singing from your soul and just opening your mouth and being able to just cry out so to speak. And that’s what singing does for me.”

She grew up in a Christian home and sang in her family’s gospel group. She didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ, but she learned about Him from her mother. “My mother was the bedrock of the family; the real matriarch. She was what we would call a ‘warrior for God.’”

But when Deanna turned 21, her mother died. “I felt lost and cheated. I got very, very angry with God because I felt as though He should have spared her.”

She left church and her singing group, and moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in R&B music. But over time, she started losing her voice. “(I) couldn’t talk above a whisper. Rasping. Choking. Trying to swallow was like razor blades.”

She went to a doctor and discovered she had nodules or cysts on her throat. The doctor told Deanna she would never sing again. “I remember sitting in the doctor’s office and feeling so numb like, ‘Great! (You’re the) same God that took my mother. Now, You’re going to take my voice. You take my mom. You take my voice. What good are You?’”

For two years, she wanted nothing to do with God. With her music career gone, she felt empty and without direction. That is, until one day when a friend invited her to church. “It was like waking up after falling asleep and you didn’t even know you were asleep. Something woke up and said, ‘You need to go this time. No excuses.’”

After the sermon, the pastor gave Deanna a personal message. “And he said, ‘God said there is a reason and a purpose for that gift that he has given you.’ You know what changed for me was He cared enough about me to get word to me, even though I’d walked away from Him. It kind of showed me that He never left me. You hear folks say all the time, ‘You never get angry with God.’ I was angry, and I would have thought that was grounds for death. But He loved me and was understanding enough to say, “Yeah, I know you were mad. But it’s OK.’ At that moment I said, ‘Yes. Here I am God. Here I am. Use me. I’m Yours.’ And, I just surrendered.”

Deanna gave her life to Christ. She joined the church, and even though she couldn’t sing, she rejoined her family gospel group and she lip-synced the words. “It was an act of obedience to be up and just in position to say, ‘Okay, if this is what You want to use, I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but I’m here.’”

Still believed God would restore her voice. One night, at a concert it happened. “My voice just came back in front of the whole church. We did not finish the song. The whole church, and the church was packed out. There were over 500 folks in that church. I didn’t stop singing. Because I was standing there just like ‘Is this – is this real?’ Everyone just blessed God. And it was amazing to see so many people rejoicing for what God was doing for little old me who had walked away from Him.”

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SOURCE: The 700 Club
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