Dr. Victor Mebele Helps Set Captives Free in Silent No More

Dr. Victor Mebele Helps Set Captives Free in Silent No More

In his latest book, Silent No More, pastor and author, Dr. Victor Mebele details the pain and shame of physical and sexual slavery that many Africans endured in their journey from Africa to Europe and America. He reveals the early days of the sex trafficking industry and how that industry has thrived off of the pain and abuse of women and men not only back in the 1800s and 1900s, but has become more secretive in its efforts to do so today. Most people do not know the horrors of the sex trafficking industry but Mebele opens our eyes to this dark world and compels us to do something about it.

Supported by research and facts from history, readers will gain a better understanding of how hopes and dreams were dashed for many people who came to Europe and America and how many of them suffered intimidation, threats, and were forced into sex slavery against their wills. Mebele shows readers the effects of such slavery upon the lives of countless people and how those who are free today can help certain ones get out of bondage and into a truly free life.
Dr. Mebele believes the quotes supporting freedom from Kofi Annan and John F. Kennedy. Annan said, “Let us take action to prevent any more victims from having their dreams of a better future turned into nightmares of exploitation and servitude.” Kennedy said, “Freedom is indivisible, and when one is enslaved, all are not free.” It is in this spirit and with this heart that Mebele seeks to dispel the myth that sex slavery is glamorous or profitable and offers a solid solution to the problem in America and in other countries of the world.
Dr. Victor Mebele is the senior pastor of Global House of Prayer in Curacao, West Indies. He holds a Ph.D in Theology and also the author of Locate Your Adversary, The Secrets of Answered Prayers, Living Successfully, We Can, Yes We Can, Show Me Your Friend, and Let It Go. He is married to Pastor Liselore Mebele and they are both blessed with two boys: Ebube and Tobe.
For more information about Dr. Victor Mebele, visit: www.victormebelebooks.com.
To book Dr. Victor Mebele for speaking engagements and/or book signings, please email: ghpcuracao@hotmail.com.
Silent No More is available on Amazon.comBarnesandNoble.comBN NookPublishAmerica.net, and Google Books.

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