Utah Bill Exempts Homeschool Students from Requirements

Utah Bill Exempts Homeschool Students from Requirements

A bill advancing at the legislature would exempt homeschooled students from following state requirements about curriculum or days spent in school.

The bill has been passed by the Senate and was approved by a House committee on a 9-4 vote on Thursday.

The measure from South Jordan Republican Sen. Aaron Osmond requires parents to file an affidavit once with a district stating they intend to homeschool their children.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports (http://bit.ly/1cgM8ux ) parents currently have to file such a notice every year.

Osmond says the bill recognizes parents’ freedom to control their child’s education.

Cottonwood Heights Democratic Rep. Marie Poulson, a teacher, says it doesn’t make sense to lower standards for home schooled children while raising standards for students in schools.

Source: The AP

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