2014 E. K. Bailey Preaching Conference to Be Held In Dallas July 7 – 10

Rev. Bryan L. Carter
Rev. Bryan L. Carter

Theme – Preaching 360: Old Testament Edition

Welcome to the 2014 E. K. Bailey Preaching Conference! This year the theme is Preaching 360: Old Testament Edition. We will be giving you tools and modeling how to effectively preach from the different genres of Scripture in the Old Testament. Ultimately, our hope is to provide you with some practical help in strengthening your preaching. The task of preaching is a great assignment and we want to help you to grow as a preacher. We will be teaching you how to preach through an Old Testament book or section of Scripture based on your selections. Whether you are an experienced preacher or new to the ministry, our conference will assist you in becoming more well rounded in your preaching and teaching. Join us in Dallas July 7 – 10, 2014.

See you this summer,

Rev. Bryan L. Carter, Conference Host
Senior Pastor of Concord Church

Click here to register today.

SOURCE: Concord Dallas

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