New York City Ministers Begin Round-the-Clock Prayer Vigils for Spanish Christian Church Destroyed In Harlem Blast

Spanish Christian Church (Before & After)
Spanish Christian Church (Before & After)

New York City firefighters began their workday Friday with hope of still of finding survivors from Wednesday’s deadly gas explosion in East Harlem.

Rescue workers searched a pile of rubble with sound devices to probe for voices and telescopic cameras to peer into small spaces. At least eight people are confirmed dead.

Two of the victims are Griselde Camacho, 44, and Carmen Tanco. Camacho was a public safety officer and Tanco was a dental hygienist.

Both woman are being remembered as active members of Bethel Gospel Assembly, the church they attended just a few blocks from the explosion site.

Meanwhile, New York City ministers are rallying around the church that lost everything in the deadly blast.

Spanish Christian Church occupied the first floor of one the two buildings leveled by the explosion. Pastor Thomas Perez lost five church members who lived in the apartments above the church.

In a brief interview, Perez, who said his church plans to rebuild, told reporters, “I know that everything is in God’s hands.”

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