Lamar Odom Comes Home from Spain Due to Back Injury

Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom

Is Lamar Odom’s stint with European basketball a done deal?

Just weeks after joining Spanish basketball team Baskonia (a.k.a. Laboral Kutxa), the athlete has returned to the States with a back injury — and at least one source tells Us Weekly he may not go back.

Odom, 34, flew out of Spain on Monday, March 10. A rep for the team says he had the team’s consent to seek additional treatment, saying, “He will visit his doctors in New York who have treated him throughout his career in the States, to check with the medical tests and receive a second opinion about his back injury.”

A timeline for his return has not been specified, but manager Sergio Scariolo says, “If Lamar told me he would return, I’m not going to have the feeling he won’t.”

A source tells Us, however, that Odom’s plans “will depend on his physical condition,” and that club members are keeping their fingers crossed. “He packed everything, so it’s not looking good,” the insider tells Us of Khloe Kardashian’s estranged husband.

Adds another source: “He’s played very few games and didn’t make much impact in those he did play.”

Indeed, Odom has had just 22 minutes of playing time in two games since making his debut against Unicaja Malaga on Feb. 27. Prior to that, he had been on an extended break.

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