Georgia Is Clearing the Way for Guns to Be Allowed in Churches on Sundays

Georgia Is Clearing the Way for Guns to Be Allowed in Churches on Sundays

All these — inside a church as well?

Places of worship are sacrosanct. The houses of The Lord are supposed to be set aside for the uplifting of God’s most holy name through song, praise, prayers, teaching and preaching, fellowship, discipleship, and stewardship.

The holy Bible tells us so. Our upbringing tells us so. Common sense tells us so. Much to my chagrin, these things are apparently not so within the great state of Georgia. Here in the Peach State, a majority of our legislators –public servants elected by us to govern with our best interests in mind – have inexplicably deemed it appropriate for Georgians to have the legal right to bring weapons into The Lord’s house.

Loaded weapons. Such is life in the new, Old West.

Georgia House Bill 875 would be a hilarious piece of legislation if it wasn’t so dangerous and so potentially all-encompassing. If this bill is enacted intolaw, do not be deceived. Georgia won’t immediately become a much safer state in which to live and work. Georgia will instantly become a much morelethal state in the “Bible belt.”

While you’re reading this and expecting me to zig, I’m going to zag instead. This Op-Ed isn’t about the National Rifle Association or its vociferous spokesperson, Wayne LaPierre. This isn’t about the United States Constitution or the 2nd Amendment. This isn’t about you or imposing against your freedoms as an American citizen. It’s about American gun lobbyists.

All they care about is dollars – not sense. Hear me well. The vast majority of Americans and Georgians who personally own firearms are God-fearing, tax-paying, law-abiding, hardworking, good people. For the sake of exposition, let’s assume that these people make up 99% of gun owners in the U.S., shall we?

These Americans – these Georgians – have taken gun safety classes. They own gun safes so they can safely store their firearms away from their own children. They have passed background checks. They are licensed to own and carry guns. They fully exercise the legal right to protect their loved ones, themselves, and their own protect. To all that, I say excellent! I don’t have a molecule of  grievance with any of these Americans and Georgians. I don’t spend a nanosecond of my time worrying about them or their guns.

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Source: Black Star News | Arthur L. Jones III

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