Tony and Lauren Dungy Share What They’ve Learned About Lasting Love and Tackling Life Obstacles Together

Tony and Lauren Dungy
Tony and Lauren Dungy

Tony and Lauren Dungy have been married for 31 years. They talk about their relationship in their new book Uncommon Marriage and share what they’ve learned about lasting love, and how to tackle the obstacles life can bring.

Shawn Brown, 700 Club Sports: What is that you want readers to get from the book?

“To know that marriage is tough, but it’s doable. It’s a great institution; we need to raise that institution back up to where it was held years ago. I think we’ve taken marriage way too lightly in our country. It is important. It is God’s plan. And we’ve got to do it God’s way,” said Tony.

“And that marriage is a commitment. God intended it to be long lasting. And when we encounter difficulties or challenges, then we work closer together. And it’s so easy to say that, you know, ‘I’m giving up and I’m throwing in the towel.’ But God intends for us to stay together and work through those challenges,” said Lauren.

They say the biggest challenge is learning how to communicate.

“Communication is a key. I can’t emphasize that enough. And it’s so important that you’re on the same page, and you’re talking and praying about everything. And often times, that little misunderstanding can create a lot of problems,” said Lauren.

Shawn: When you say communicate, sometimes it means something different to a wife than it does to a husband. What does it mean to you?

“I think there’s two parts to communicating. It’s talking, but it’s also listening. And it’s important to listen and hear the other person. If you’re too busy talking and getting your point across, or saying what’s on your mind, then you’re not able to communicate effectively with the other person,” said Lauren.

Tony adds, “I would agree with that, and then the next step is taking it and applying it. It’s one thing, we have a discussion, and we both hear each other. But then where are we going to go from there? And do I really hear what she’s saying and say, ‘okay is important. So do I need to act on this in a certain way?”

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SOURCE: The 700 Club
Shawn Brown

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