Persecuted Church Expert, Nik Ripken, Concludes Biblical Obedience to God Is Insane

IMB file photo.
IMB file photo.

Biblical obedience to God is insane. That’s the conclusion of Nik Ripken, based on his 15 years of research and hundreds of interviews with persecuted believers around the world.

In Ripken’s latest book, he asks:

— Why else would a man like Dmitri,* imprisoned for leading an illegal house church in communist Russia, insist on singing a praise song to Jesus every morning for 17 years, even as prison guards beat him and fellow inmates ridiculed him?

— Why else would overseas Christian workers in a Muslim country closed to a Gospel witness gather to share Christian communion after a Muslim extremist shot four colleagues, killing three of them?

— Why else would a man like Ripken move his family from the safety and comfort of a small Kentucky town to settle in Africa where they encountered sickness and death and witnessed unspeakable suffering among their neighbors and friends?

Insanity is the only plausible explanation by the world’s standards, Ripken states in “The Insanity of Obedience.” But for Ripken and other believers choosing to stay in difficult places to share the Gospel, their belief in the power and love of Christ enables them to persevere.

A personal journey

Ripken’s first book, “The Insanity of God,” recounts his personal journey to relieve human suffering in war-torn Somalia, the appalling sorrow he experienced and his struggles with a God who would allow His followers to endure such pain on His behalf.

“The Insanity of God” raises challenging questions for evangelical believers living in the relative comforts of the West: What is the cost of obedience? How can Christians in the U.S. come alongside persecuted believers and ignite churches in America to be serious about fulfilling the Great Commission?

Ripken answers these questions in his latest book. Drawing from his years of experience as an international Christian worker, he seeks to develop practical applications for Western churches.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Tess Rivers

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