Pat Robertson Says Watching X-Rated Movies or Horror Series Can Give Demons ‘Permission’ to Haunt Viewers

Pat Robertson

Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson said on Tuesday that watching X-rated movies or horror series can give demons “permission” to haunt the viewer.


A viewer named Michelle wrote in to The 700 Club asking about the connection between demon possession and disturbing entertainment.

“I was watching a horror movie the other day on the recommendation of others,” she wrote. “It was rather strange and awfully macabre. And then, this past Sunday, I got into an accident leaving church.

“Did watching that movie cause a curse—or the Lord’s protection to be lifted from me? Did I grieve the Holy Spirit by watching this series?”

The 83-year-old televangelist responded, “A few years ago I heard about a teenage girl who was demon possessed, and people began to deal with the demon and try to cast it out. And you know what the demon said? ‘I had permission.’ And the permission was granted when this child had gone to some double-X-rated movie, or whatever it was, and had allowed this thing to come into her.”

He continued, “I know this sounds kind of otherworldly, but that’s the way it is. So, could it have happened to you? Yes. I don’t think it did, but could have.”

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Gina Meeks

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