Meet the Man Who is Building Prayer Towers Around the World for the Glory of God

Paul Dhinakaran
Paul Dhinakaran


In the 1960’s Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran walked towards a railroad track and planned to step in the path of an oncoming train to end his life.  On the way, he met his uncle who shared the Good News about Jesus Christ.  D.G.S. returned home and accepted the Lord into his life. 

Shortly after, the Lord told him, “I am filling you with the same spirit of compassion…when I was in this world 2,000 years ago.”  After this encounter with God, D.G.S. started Jesus Calls Ministry.  He began preaching and praying for people.

Soon thousands of people came to these gatherings where he prayed for people and miracles happened: lame people walked, the blind saw, people were healed of tumors and cancer and many received peace in their lives. D.G.S. realized the power of radio for preaching the Gospel and in 1972, broadcasted over the radio for the first time.

After D.G.S. passed away in 2008, his son, Paul, took over the ministry.  Paul’s vision is to establish Prayer Towers (prayer centers that function 24/7, praying for people over the phone and in person) in every nation of the world. God has enabled him to establish such prayer towers in India, and other countries such as America, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, and Fiji and recently in Israel.

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