Christ at the Checkpoint Conference Called “Problematic” by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Christ at the Checkpoint Conference

While Christ at the Checkpoint Conference (CATC) officials downplayed a negative statement about CATC allegedly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chief Spokesman Yigal Palmor, the magazine is standing by its story.

A CATC spokesman told ASSIST the conference had been informed that the views allegedly expressed to the Israel Today correspondent were not those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, Israel Today’s Ryan Jones told me by email that the following statement (used in the story) was explicitly labeled as an “official response.”

“The attempt to use religious motifs in order to mobilize political propaganda and agitate the feelings of the faithful through the manipulation of religion and politics is an unacceptable and shameful act. Using religion for the purpose of incitement in the service of political interests stains the person who does it with a stain of indelible infamy.”

Jones told me by email, “You can tell (it is the official MFA position), as it is clearly something that was pre-prepared. It uses a high level of Hebrew that is not typical in everyday speech.”

In what was described as “personal correspondence” with Israel Today, Palmor also reportedly said “Unfortunately, we well know about the conference. It is particularly problematic, because it is designed for the evangelical Christian leadership – an extremely important audience to us. We have already actively targeted specific participants in the conference, as well as leaders of the groups who will attend the event, in a coordinated effort to expose them to our side of the story.”

A message left with Palmor’s voicemail asking for clarification was not immediately returned.

The reason soon became clear. During a call to another MOFA spokesperson I was told, “I can’t comment because we went on strike. We stopped working.”

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Jeremy Reynalds

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