Students of Color at Oxford, Inspired by Black Students at Harvard, Share Their Own Struggles as “Minorities” at an Elite University

Students at Oxford  TUMBLR
Students at Oxford

The black students at Harvard seem to be on to something.

Students of color at Oxford University in the United Kingdom have launched their own social media campaign, “I, Too, Am Oxford,” highlighting things that have been said or suggested to them.

Dozens of photos have already been added to the Tumblr page, showing students holding up signs showing different micro-aggressions that they’ve been subjected to.

“A message that was consistently reaffirmed throughout the day was that students in their daily encounters at Oxford are made to feel different and Othered from the Oxford community. Hopefully this project will demonstrate that despite there being a greater number of students of colour studying at Oxford now than there has ever been before, there are still issues that need to be discussed,” the site declared. “In participating in ‘I, Too, Am Oxford,’ students of colour are demanding that a discussion on race be taken seriously and that real institutional change occur.”

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