How Social Media Affects College Admissions

How Social Media Affects College Admissions

We saw how social media is changing the education industry. Diving deeper, how would social media affect college admission?

The answer is, ‘a lot’. According to’s infographic (data based on Kaplan and, 80 percent of America’s top colleges use social media in their recruiting process. In particular, Facebook.

Note that the figures represent the U.S market. But I guess Asia will be catching soon.

“Facebook is increasingly important, because schools are looking into Facebook profiles of students these days. I know because my school asked for our Facebook addresses recently. It’s a little creepy,” said an undergraduate from Malaysia who requested to stay anonymous.

“One of our lecturers almost got suspended because of a Facebook update. There was a problem between the students and University and the lecturer sided us. Thankfully, the case is now closed with the help of other lecturers,” he added.

Mr. Teoh Ming Hao, who runs an education business in Singapore also advised that students must be careful about what they post on Facebook and Twitter. “We advice our students to be responsible about what they say and share on social networking sites. People are watching and any profanity or undesired content might affect the school and student’s reputation,” he explained.

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Source: Tech In Asia | Willis Wee

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