Former NFL Player, Trent Shelton, Left Football to Become a Motivational Speaker for God

Trent Shelton
Trent Shelton

If you haven’t yet heard of motivational speaker Trent Shelton, chances are you’ll want to.

The former NFL player’s inspiring videos have been watched by thousands of people all over the world — giving people encouragement to reach for their dreams, leave a damaging relationship or break free from their past mistakes.

Mr Shelton has been invited to speak across the globe from the US, to London, Sweden, Canada and Turks and Caicos.

“My whole thing is once people hear me speak or look at me, I want them to see I’m just like them,” he told The Royal Gazette. “I don’t want them to think they can never reach for what they want. I want to give them hope and show it’s possible.

“Whatever limitations they are placing on their lives I want them to know if I can overcome it they can do it too.”

Mr Shelton spent four years playing in the NFL. He idolised playing American football, but said his career was “very up and down”.

“I just got to a breaking point where I was tired of the way I was living,” he explained. “And after the birth of my son I wanted to be the best example I could be as a father and a man.”

After moving to the Arena Football League (AFL), he played for half a season before getting hurt.

He thought his life would be over without sports, but then a day came in February 2011 when God laid out a bigger plan.

“There was an event I was supposed to speak at. That same day I was supposed to leave to go to New Orleans for AFL, but my coach said he was cool with me coming a day later.

“It was my first time speaking in front of an audience of 2,000 children. I prayed and said ‘God, just let me have a feeling if this is my purpose’,” he said. “It was just five minutes speaking, but I got off the stage and called my mom and coach and said ‘I am through with football’.

“It wasn’t an easy choice. I had a family to take care of and bills to get paid, but I trusted God.”

He started making his YouTube videos shortly after that and said “it was crazy” to see how many people’s lives have been impacted by his messages of hope.

“I just give all the glory to God because I never thought this was where He would lead me,” he said.

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SOURCE: Nadia Arandjelovic 
The Royal Gazette

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