Bishop Neil C. Ellis to Host “The Gathering” In North Carolina With Jamal Bryant, Tudor Bismark and More

Bishop Neil C. Ellis
Bishop Neil C. Ellis

The Gathering is the annual corporate meeting of the Global United Fellowship family. Each year meetings will be held in cities around the world as a coming together of interracial, interdenominational and intercultural believers with one common goal and that is to unify the Body of Christ.

Breakout sessions (morning classes) will focus on rejuvenating the dying discipline of prayer in the lives of the believer, and reclaiming the seven mountains of culture: Arts and Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media and Religion. Since G.U.F. is a transgenerational fellowship, careful consideration has been given to our children, youth and young adult ministries during their daily sessions.

Midday services will give delegates an opportunity to experience the Prophetic and Supernatural power of God in an atmosphere that is charged and poised for the miraculous.

Our Evening Worship Services will feature our Special Guest Speakers. This is the time when the corporate Family will unite in fellowship and worship.

Click here for more information.


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