WATCH: Private Investigator says Dr. Teleka Patrick Told her Mother to Look at Marvin Sapp’s Church if Anything Happened to Her; Some Members are Upset the Church has Not Done More to Help Find Her



New developments in the search for missing Kalamazoo Doctor Teleka Patrick.

It’s now been three months since Patrick was last seen.

The 33-year-old was in the middle of a psychiatric residency at Borgess Hospital when she mysteriously vanished.

She was last seen on surveillance video leaving the hospital.

Her car was later found along I-94 in Porter, Indiana.

Wednesday, we talked with Teleka’s family and the private investigator about new tips in the case.

Private Investigator Jim Carlin tells us a few weeks before Teleka’s disappearance, on two separate occasions, Teleka told her mother she had seen Marvin Sapp’s body guards walking around the Gull Run Apartment Complex where she lived.

“She also told her mom, and Mrs. Patrick talks about this often, if anything happens to  me you got to look at that church. It’s pretty profound,” said Carlin.

Teleka’s sister, Tenesha Patrick told us by phone Wednesday she’s getting discouraged by the lack of leads, but remains hopeful she is still alive.

“I fear that she has met harm or danger. We remain encouraged as a family that in the midst of it all, God is there and he is with her and he knows where she is,” said Tenesha Patrick.

Carlin tells us Pastor Marvin Sapp deserves a closer look in connection to the disappearance of Teleka Patrick, even though the Kalamazoo County Sheriff said during a press conference that Sapp was just a victim of stalking and nothing more.

Carlin tells us he’s received several anonymous calls from people in Sapp’s congregation upset the church has not done more to help find Teleka.

“They take the position, and have told the congregation they just refuse to talk about it, so many people consider that odd,” said Carlin.

What’s also odd, says Carlin, is several phone calls he’s received from people in the U.K. and Jamaica, claiming that God sent them a message about Teleka’s whereabouts, all of them pointing back to Sapp’s church.


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