McConaughey and Harrelson’s Extremely Popular “True Detective” Finale Causes HBO Go to Crash

"True Detective"
“True Detective”

“Due to overwhelmingly popular demand for ‪#TrueDetective, we’ve been made aware of an issue affecting some users,” read a tweet from the streaming service Sunday night.

Some True Detective fans who hopped online Sunday night to watch the finale were likely disappointed.

Enough people logged on to HBO Go to watch the season ender that the streaming service crashed, according to its Twitter account.

“Due to overwhelmingly popular demand for ‪#TrueDetective, we’ve been made aware of an issue affecting some users. Please try again soon,” read a tweet sent out Sunday night.

Some viewers who logged on to the service — you have to be an HBO subscriber to access it — saw a “fatal error” message indicating that the service wouldn’t load.

Added HBO in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Monday morning: “Due to overwhelming interest in the season finale of True Detective, HBO GO was hit with an excessive amount of traffic soon after 9 p.m. ET last night. The issue has since been rectified and the service is now back to normal.”

It’s understood that a majority of users were affected.

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SOURCE: Kimberly Nordyke 
The Hollywood Reporter

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