“Lindsay” Docu-series Kicks Off on OWN

Lindsay Lohan (Photo: Theo Wargo, NBC/Getty Images)
Lindsay Lohan (Photo: Theo Wargo, NBC/Getty Images)

“I’m only interested in what is the truth,” Oprah Winfrey told Lindsay Lohan, 27, at the start of Sunday night’s Lindsay, the first of eight episodes of the OWN docu-series about the star.

And what did the truth look like during that first hour?

Lots of boxes, a vow to avoid ‘chaos,’ a fashion show, a visit with mom Dina, more boxes and an endless search for an apartment in Manhattan.

Episode 1 started with the interview Oprah did with Lindsay last August, asking her what she is addicted to, what is her drug of choice. “Alcohol,” says Lindsay. They talk about Lindsay going to Europe, and Oprah tells her she thinks it’s not a good idea. Lindsay decides not to go.

In the next scene, Lindsay’s in a car in Los Angeles.

Docu-series director Amy Rice is in the back seat, asking Lindsay how the last few days have been for her. Lindsay explains that she has an “inner peace,” that the “chaos” of daily life “doesn’t really affect” her anymore.

As Lindsay is shown going through boxes of belongings and packing things up to move to New York from Los Angeles, her rap sheet is shown – arrests, probation violations and six rehab visits.

“Living with integrity and in control of my own self – that’s the life I want now,” she says.

Clips are interspersed featuring unnamed fans being interviewed. Most express hope for to get better.

“I’m excited to start this new chapter, so it’s going to be good,” Lindsay tells the cameras.

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SOURCE: Ann Oldenburg

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