Rev. Carey E. McCall III Is the New Pastor of New Zion Baptist Church in Ogden, Utah

4798New Zion Baptist Church already has proven to be a place of genuinely friendly people. 

But now with a new pastor, it’s becoming a place of fun and laughter too.

“We are learning how to laugh, becoming more relaxed,” said the Rev. Carey E. McCall III, the new pastor at New Zion.
McCall arrived at New Zion in November but will officially be installed Sunday in a public ceremony to which a number of local officials have been invited.
The community is welcome to attend McCall’s installation services at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at the church, 2935 Lincoln Ave. in Ogden.
“Traditionally the black Baptist Church is very stoic, very traditional,” McCall said. “We’ve interwoven the fact that you can have laughter. You can be yourself.”
McCall said he loves the fact that the 300 members at his church are open and embracing.
Now, he’s working on adding some fun to the church’s practices too, following the changing traditions that McCall said have been incorporated with a charismatic movement in the church.
One change he brought was a church Super Bowl party.
McCall said he’ll also enjoy reaching out to the community in the same way the community has reached out to him since he arrived.
“I had a preconceived notion that it would be very different here,” he said. “I came during your winter. I was so surprised that people would be so helpful.”
He said the generosity of the community has helped his family embrace Ogden.
“I’m excited about being here,” he said. “My family is excited about being here.”
McCall is married to Phyllis, and the two have a son, 15, and a daughter, 12.
The family has two dogs, a bichon and poodle mix, and a Lhasapoo.
Besides his family, McCall said the members of his congregation want to reach out where they can.
“At the end of the day, don’t we have to co-exist?” he said. “This planet is meant to be shared.”
And he said the story of his arrival should not be solely about him.
“It’s about the people of God at New Zion Baptist,” he said. “I don’t want to take any glory from God. If the church hadn’t called me here, I wouldn’t be able to do anything here.”
The new pastor works to promote his life phrase: “He is a work in progress and a story that has yet to be written.”
Source: | JaNae Francis