WATCH: Live Action President, Lila Rose, Says Her Abortion Exposure Work Is ‘A Matter of Faith’

hcsp.jpgA day after pro-lifers exposed even more shady business by Planned Parenthood, Congress is set to vote on a bill that would ban abortions based on the sex of the child.

Live Action released footage Tuesday of a Texas Planned Parenthood counselor going along with a woman’s desire to abort if her child is a girl.
The video shows the Planned Parenthood worker not just condoning the idea of a gender-based abortion, but agreeing that the mother — an undercover Live Action member — shouldn’t tell anyone about her plan.
“But do you think I still just shouldn’t worry about telling them that I would be terminating if it’s a girl?” the actress asks.
“Right,” a Planned Parenthood counselor named Rebecca answers.
“Just keep it quiet and then come here?” the woman goes on to ask.
“Yeah, I would,” the counselor responds.
Planned Parenthood said the counselor on the tape has been fired and insisted she was new on the job. The group also said it would be retraining staff.
“We absolutely condemn sex selection,” Celinda Vasquez of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles said. “We encourage the woman to really discuss with her family and consult her faith on the matter.”
But Live Action president Lila Rose isn’t buying those claims.
“Planned Parenthood’s reaction to Live Action is basically, ‘We condemn discrimination based on gender, but we support doing sex-selective abortions,'” Rose told CBN News.
She called Planned Parenthood’s defense weak and contradictory.
“They fired their employee claiming that she broke protocol, but they couldn’t point to the protocol that she broke,” Rose said.
“The reality is Planned Parenthood and their supposedly pro-women allies — really pro-abortion allies — are so insistent on abortion and protecting it as if it’s some kind of a human right that they’ll even go as far as targeting little girls in the late term for violent sex-selective abortions,” she continued.
Source: CBN News | Paul Strand