Iowa Church Constructed In 30 Hours


While constructing churches has been known to take years, decades, or even centuries, one Iowa sanctuary was raised in a little more than 30 hours.

The Calvary Tabernacle Church of Perry was completed last weekend by an army of some 300 volunteers, who were part of the “Church in a Day” building program.
Rex Deckard, pastor of Cavalry Apostolic Church of Des Moines, the church for which Cavalry Tabernacle came from, told The Christian Post that the effort “took a tremendous amount of advance preparation and coordination.”
“There was a very specific timetable for when different trades would do their part of the construction. We also had mentors from Indiana that had been through the same process a number of times that helped to coach us along,” said Deckard.
“The pastor of the church, Gregg Davison, was the single most important key in carrying the project through from initial application until completion.”
According to Deckard, once it became an autonomous congregation, Cavalry Tabernacle initially had a storefront property as its facility for worship.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Michael Gryboski