Christians and Jews In Memphis, Tennessee Pledge to Support Israel


As the threat of a nuclear Iran rises, support for Israel is also spreading.

Memphis Christian and Jewish leaders held a summit earlier this month to discuss how they could work together to support Israel.  
The result: the birth of the Memphis U.S.-Israel Advocacy Commission (USIAC).
“This is the first interfaith organization dedicated solely to pro-Israel activism at the local level,” says Andy Groveman of Belz Enterprises. “We believe it could be the first of its kind in the country. As such, it will serve as a model for interfaith pro-Israel activism across the country.”
The event, dubbed Summit II, brought together about 30 pastors, ministers, rabbis and lay leaders from Memphis’ Christian and Jewish communities.
The Memphis USIAC empowers local advocates of a strong US-Israel relationship to work together to further their congregants’ understanding and appreciation of issues affecting Israel, the U.S., and the two countries’ vital relationship. The group will meet at least twice a year. Summit participants have the opportunity to educate and influence more than 50,000 people.
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SOURCE: Charisma News