Zig Ziglar’s Daughter Tells Her Side of the Story In ‘Growing up Ziglar’


The daughter of Zig Ziglar has written a book about her family and her climb out of a destructive lifestyle.

The author of Growing up Ziglar: A Daughter’s Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope is Julie Ziglar Norman. She says growing up in her father’s house was a very positive experience, but she considers herself the poster child for “doing life wrong.”
“I just managed to be the one who, you know, if a little bit’s good a whole lot is better, [I] just have that compulsive personality; and I was able to hide most of my compulsions which one of the main one’s was people pleasing — that got me into trouble — and trying to earn my way in to people’s lives with doing what they wanted,” she explains. “And that didn’t work out too well for me — and poor momma and daddy, they didn’t find out until I was grown the things I’d gone through and struggled with.”
Those struggles included alcohol. Other struggles are revealed in the book in which Norman also emphasizes how she climbed out of the emotional trap she found herself in.
“It was only my relationship with Christ,” Norman says. “It wasn’t until I learned that the Holy Spirit really indwelled me and that I had the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to say no to the things that had always baffled me before. And truly there was a 12-step program that got me back on track to have that relationship with Christ and to understand that he is my power, my strength and my hope.
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SOURCE: OneNewsNow
Charlie Butts