WATCH: Bank of America Will Return Foreclosed Home To Family With Special-Needs Daughter

hcsp.jpgThere’s finally some good news for Dirma Rodriguez and her three children.

The family was evicted from the Los Angeles home they’d lived in for over 25 years after they fell behind on a loan. Rodriguez’s daughter, Ingrid Ortiz, is a 27-year-old with cerebral palsy, and Rodriguez took out the loan to remodel the house so it would better accommodate her and her wheelchair.
But now, KCAL-9’s Juan Fernandez reports, Bank of America has bought the home back from the investor who’d bought it in foreclosure, and is going to work with the Rodriguez family so they can stay in the home.
Rodriguez had reached out to Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF), a group that’s affiliated with Occupy LA, when she was being evicted. OFF says that Bank of America violated state laws when it made the foreclosure sale.
“We found that the documents showed that the sale was void,” Suzanne O’Keeffe, a writer and OFF activist, told KCAL-9 “They didn’t do the procedures right.”
Earlier this month, OFF gathered outside the home of Raul Anaya, a regional Bank of America President, to protest Rodriguez’s foreclosure, the Pasadena Sun reported.
“I’ve been paying for this home by myself for 21 years, I’m a widow,” Rodriguez said at the time, according to the Sun. “I’m just asking that the executives of Bank of America touch their hearts.”
Source: Huffington Post