WATCH: Can God Trust You With Riches?


Tony Richardson made a decent living as an accountant working around the country. He invested in real estate, which stretched his income.   

“When I lived in Texas I had the house here in Tennessee, and I was working in Arkansas,” Tony said. “I was always coming up short..  I was having good jobs, but things weren’t going well.”
He tried to sell the properties, but with the slump in the housing market, there were no buyers.  He maxed out his credit cards and fell behind on his truck payments.  The bank threatened to repossess.
“It is easy to go and get into situations where you spend more than what you have, you spend more than what you are making,” Tony said.
Tony started going to a church that taught on the importance of tithing.
“I realized that I couldn’t make it if I wasn’t tithing,” Tony said. “When I tithed the place that I was trying to sell in Texas, it sold.   I was able to pay my truck off. Not tithing, I was not making it, so when I tithed, it kind of put me right back where I needed to be.
Tony was able to pay off a significant amount of debt and, around the same time, the demands for his service increased. Within two years, Tony’s income jumped from $30,000 to six figures.
“It was an exciting feeling to be able to tithe and give back to God and be blessed,” Tony said.  “When I decided to give it all over to God, he prospered me physically, financially, materially. It was the whole person.
So when Tony landed a lucrative consulting with a large corporation, he decided to give more to God. He called the 700 club and made a pledge. That same day, the company asked him to falsify a report. He refused. Two days later….
“They came through and said we don’t really need you working here anymore.” Tony said.
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SOURCE: The 700 Club
Audra Smith