Black Conservative Says NAACP Has Gone Diabolically In the Opposite Direction of Tradition of the Black Community


The NAACP has endorsed homosexual “marriage” — but one expert says that doesn’t reflect the attitude of most African-Americans on the issue.

On Saturday, all but two of the 64 members of the NAACP’s board voted to endorse same-gender marriage, aligning the organization with President Barack Obama on the hot-button issue. In a statement released following the vote, board chairwoman Roslyn Brock said: “We have and will oppose efforts to codify discrimination into law.”
In an interview with OneNewsNow, Dr. Timothy Johnson — founder of The Frederick Douglas Foundation — says his organization is not surprised by the action of the NAACP, largely because of its support of abortion, which he says has been proven to represent “black genocide.” Johnson believes the NAACP is simply unwilling to address the issues that face black Americans.
“When you recognize that the black community is strongly a Christian-based group of people, conservative in most of the things they believe, the NAACP has gone diabolically the opposite direction of tradition of the black community,” he states. “[The NAACP] really is doing this in order to stay relevant and in order to build up their revenues as it relates to what they can get from the gay community.”
Johnson says with leadership such as Julius Bond and Benjamin Jealous, the organization will not reflect Christian values.
“It is not a relevant organization and it definitely doesn’t stand for what it has stood for the last 100 years,” he laments. “It has changed its direction; it has changed its agenda.”
He encourages factions within the NAACP to reassess their relationship with the organization.
“… I think those individuals who call themselves Christian or call themselves Jewish who are members of the NAACP should denounce the organization, should cancel their membership, and really look for something else or another organization such as the Frederick Douglas Foundation to be affiliated with,” he states.
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SOURCE: One News Now
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