How Christians Can Help the World to Understand God’s View of Homosexuality

hcsp.jpgFirst Vice-President Joe Biden, then President Barack Obama have gone public to please their supporters in declaring their support for gay marriage. No president in American history has dared make such a statement.

Gay marriage supporters in California have declared they are ready to put the issue on the ballot. They have been tracking public views through polls and find that, each year, the percentage supporting gay marriage is growing. They believe they finally have the majority they need.
Their years of teaching kids in the schools that gay marriage is “normal” are paying off. Soon, an entire generation will be in control that is perfectly willing to enshrine this perversion into law. The ugly truth of the devastating health problems and destruction of the home that this brings has been hidden. 
How did this happen?
It’s because we Christians failed to get our message out to the public. Most people are not aware of God’s view of homosexuality. They view it as a “personal choice.” Even those who may have had some Christian training as a child have forgotten what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. They are unlikely to hear it in church, because “nice” folks don’t talk about things like that.
Source: Chick Tracts