Kay Warren Speaks About ‘Choosing Joy’ at Crystal Cathedral

hcsp.jpgAuthor Kay Warren delivered a sermon on choosing joy at the Crystal Cathedral during two Sunday worship services that were taped for the Garden Grove church’s “Hour of Power” TV broadcast.

The Rev. Bobby Schuller, grandson of Crystal Cathedral founder Rev. Robert H. Schuller, shares a moment with guest pastor Kay Warren during a service at the church in Garden Grove. (Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times / April 30, 2012)

The wife of Saddleback Church founding Pastor Rick Warren adapted her message from her recently released book, Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn’t Enough.
Warren told the congregation about her own struggles to find joy even when the Bible clearly states a Christian’s life should be full of joy.
“Honestly, I’ve struggled with low level depression for most of my life. So the idea of joy doesn’t come so naturally to me,” she said. “I began to wonder if ‘joy’ wasn’t something that was just supposed to remain between the pages of the Bible – that it didn’t really have that much to say in my life.”
Her search for answers to finding joy in her life led to her teaching a Bible study at Saddleback also available online, Warren recently told The Christian Post. During the study she realized that the subject of finding joy had “obviously hit a nerve, and I realized I wasn’t the only one that was struggling.”
“We get confused over what’s the difference between happiness and joy,” Warren told the several hundred in attendance at the Crystal Cathedral. “We tend to use those interchangeably, but they are not at all my brothers and sisters. Happiness is all about what’s happening externally.”
Source: Christian Post | Alex Murashko